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Kombucha tea basics

Kombucha is a traditional, dairy free fermented tea drink that has been made for hundreds, even thousands of years in several cultures around the world as a health tonic and is increasingly become more widely known and made in western countries now too.

In a nut shell, making Kombucha basically involves adding a specific Kombucha culture of bacteria and yeast (called a Scoby or Mother or Mushroom) to a batch of sweetened black (or green) tea and leaving it to ferment at room temperature for 5-15 days (depending on temperature). You can then pour it into bottles and drink at your leisure.

Standard single fermented kombucha has a mildly apple cider like flavour, but it can be flavoured with any manner of fruit and herbal additions to give a more distinctive or enjoyable flavour.

Kombucha has long been claimed to have a wide range of health benefits, allegedly derived from the rich combination of enzymes, minerals, digestive enzymes and bacteria contained in a classic brew. Google 'Health benefits of Kombucha' and you'll be reading (both sides of the coin) for hours.

So there are many reasons to make Kombucha really, it's easy to make, it's cheap to make, it's great for your health (some people even consider it a super food and health tonic), fascinating to brew and experiment with, can taste extremely good and is wonderfully refreshing and thirst quenching on a hot day.




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